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3 Access Options for Your Exterior Home Security Doors

21 Sep

You may have chosen a security door for a variety of reasons, including increased crime rates in your area or as a preventative measure for the future. Regardless of your reasons, you will need to make several choices related to your security doors. One of those choices is deciding which type of access panel you […]

Extend the Life of Your Sliding Screen Door: Four Screen Door Parts You Need to Know How to Replace

21 Sep

If your screen door isn’t working correctly, you don’t necessarily need to throw it in the rubbish and start over. Luckily, there are multiple parts of screen doors that can easily be replaced. Want to extend the life of your screen door? Then, you need to know how to replace or repair these four elements: […]

Simple Maintenance Tips for Security Screen Doors

8 Sep

The security screen door is a valuable feature in any residential building. The structure is constructed to allow natural light and breeze to flow into the home without compromising the internal security. Generally, the doors are constructed with strong metallic frames and the infill is made using steel, stainless steel of structural-grade aluminium grilles. If […]

Two Ways To Increase The Security Of Your Garage

4 Sep

Although many people feel much safer after installing a new garage door, there are some things that they continue to do that undermines that security. In many cases, getting into the garage will also give you access to a door that leads into the whole property. If there is a high tech garage door installed, this […]